As we move into 2017, something we really want to take time to acknowledge is the fine work of Joseph Lucido AKA 'The Consulting Lifestyle', in particular his late December piece 'What to Wear: New Year's Eve Edition'. In his post, he shouts out P&G and prominently features our own Osborne Tuxedo in Black-Watch Plaid (available for online purchase in March!)

We think Joseph wears the slim-fitting tux perfectly and we really appreciated what he had to say on the matter of our cuts, fits and quality.

"As we all know, tailoring and fit are two of the most important components in men's fashion. [...] There is literally nothing worse than a baggy suit. Paisley & Gray really understands this. The fit on every piece I've worn from them is impeccable, slim yet not skin tight like you get with a lot of other brands targeted towards younger people."

Joseph also took the time to add in a slew of fun shots featuring his personal take on how to style and wear this tux. It's clear he really knows how to have fun with fashion and make one suit work in many different settings! On that, the young Atlanta-based consultant says: "You should be able to inject personality into what you wear, even at work. Paisley & Gray gets this 100% and they make all kinds of pieces that are great for the office, yet still have a personality to them and make a statement!"

"Just because this is a more seasonal tux doesn't mean that you're limited with the number of times you can wear it. Separates are huge and you could easily take this jacket and dress it down with a pair of jeans."

Joseph goes on to make a clever list of suit-wearing occasions young guys don't always consider: weddings, holiday mass, New Years parties (his main reason for getting the tux!), holiday parties, office Christmas parties, winter galas or charity events, the opera, etc. "The list truly goes on!"

Thank you, Joseph. We appreciate your support and we think you look great! We'll be looking forward to seeing more great content from 'The Consulting Lifestyle'.